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Introducing… Island Tidbits

Island Tidbits - Honeymoon Beach - St. John, US Virgin Islands
Honeymoon beach

Hi all, I’m back! Well I think I’m back… Let’s see how this whole blogging thing goes this go-round, shall we?? 🙂

For starters, thank you so much for taking the time to be here, and welcome to Island Tidbits!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Jenn. I’m a St. John transplant, mom to a ridiculously active four-year-old boy and the owner of Explore STJ island tours. I’m also the gal who published News of St. John from 2013 to 2020.

I’m a writer and creator, who decided back in 2020 that I needed a break from blogging. Well guess what? I miss it. So I thought, why not start this up again??

I pondered a bit about whether or not I should even do this. I wondered whether I should start my own site, or if it’d be easier to create content for other businesses on island. And if I did go ahead with this crazy idea – which clearly I did because here we are lol – what would I call it? Well, as you can see, I settled on Island Tidbits because that’s what I’m interested in – providing you all with little tidbits of information about St. John and island life.

I am excited to write about simple things that make me smile. I want to create fun videos that showcase the beautiful places here on St. John, as well as our amazing residents. I’d like to share stories about St. John’s rich history, while showing you all why this place is so special to so many people. I simply want to write and create while sharing my love of this place with all of you.

My plan is to write several  times a week when I have the time between raising my son, traveling and conducting my Explore STJ island tours. (Shameless plug… Sorry! 🙂 ) Don’t feel like checking out the site to see when I’m writing? No problem! Just go and click the “Subscribe” button at the top of your screen if you’re on a desktop/laptop to sign up to receive weekly updates to your inbox. Reading us on a phone? No problem! Click this link to sign up, or you can always click the three lines above to open the menu bar and click Subscribe there.

Island Tidbits is also going to be on social media, so feel free to follow me on your preferred platform by checking out the links below:

Want to reach out to me personally? Please feel free to contact me at at anytime.

Looking to take an island tour? Please check out to learn more. PS: I am super happy to share that Explore STJ island tours received TripAdvisor’s 2022 Traveller’s Choice Award … woohoo!

Well folks, I’m excited for this new journey we’re on. Thank you again for taking the time to read this today. Cheers!