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Take an Island Tour with Me!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This post is all about island tours. 🙂

I know how daunting vacation planning can be. Throw driving on the left into the mix (which is what we do here in the USVI), and many people struggle over whether it’s best to rent a vehicle, or rely on the taxis. Perhaps you decided to go the car rental route, but you aren’t familiar with the island, so you really don’t know where the best beaches are, which spots have the best snorkeling, where you can grab the best Painkiller on island and so forth. Or perhaps you’d like to taxi during your vacation, but you’d like to check out the more obscure spots here on island. That’s where I come in.

I launched Explore STJ island tours back in 2016, and I absolutely love exploring this beautiful island with guests. I offer both full and half day tours in a Jeep Wrangler, so it’s a more personalized experience. I enjoy taking guests off the beaten path and to out-of-the-way spots that they would typically never see. I can only take up to four guests in my Jeep and I never combine groups, so it’s a more private and personal tour. When I am out and about on an island tour, it’s more like I am out with friends. And I love that.

During your ExploreSTJ island tour, we will do a little sightseeing – St. John has some of the most beautiful views in the world! We will check out some of the island’s stunning beaches – who doesn’t want to dip their toes in our beautiful Caribbean waters?! We can stop at one or more of the island’s sugar plantation ruins, and we can even do some light hiking if you’d like. All of my island tours are completely customizable, so we will do exactly what you want during your full or half day tour. I can guarantee some sea turtles sightings, and we usually stumble on some of the island’s most beloved residents – our donkeys! I will share some of the island’s rich history along the way, and I can also tell you all about the current happenings (and some island gossip if you’re interested!) here on St. John. But most importantly, we will have fun!

Explore STJ island tours are great to familiarize yourself with the island during your first trip, but they’re also great for seasoned visitors… I promise I can show you something new.

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Have any questions? Ready to book? Please email me at I am looking forward to exploring the island with you!


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