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Helpful Items to Bring on a St. John Vacation

Add some of the items below to your St. John packing list.

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  1. Terence Cady

    That Neso tent that you suggested…looks like the anchor lines are spread out so far that they will block beach traffic, especially where beaches are narrow.

  2. Jane Doolittle

    FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Pump Portable Air Pump Ultra-Mini Air Pump with 1300mAh Battery USB Rechargeable to Inflate Deflate for Pool Floats Air Bed Air Mattress Swimming Ring Vacuum Storage Bags (Grey)

    This is a great pump for the noodles and other inflatable floats. Love your island tidbits!!

  3. Dorene Radke

    We have a Neso tent and took it on our trip to St John two weeks ago. We have been visitors to St John for over 30 years and knew that shade on the beaches are at a premium. We found that on the majority of beaches (exceptions Trunk and Cinnamon) there simply is not enough beach to put the tents up and still allow others to walk by without stepping over the lines. We also observed several coming to the beaches and pitching their Neso tents right in front of others in such a way that it blocked their view and access to the water. So many people now just seem to not think of others. We will not bring our Neso tent again and I highly disagree with your recommendation on here that visitors should bring one.

    • Marketta+Orrico

      Cinnamon has plenty of space to set up a tent, if you walk further up on to the righthand side of the beach. i am not a tent person, love the sun, but have seen these tents set up on Cinnamon.

    • Molly

      I agree with Dorene about the Neso shade, in terms of some people not being considerate of where they set theirs up. I did buy one and plan to bring it, but hope we’ll be able to set up far enough back and not disrupt others. It’s a tough call, especially coming with some who are very sensitive to sun and need to be as careful as possible in the sun.

  4. Teresa

    You have a typo on the reef safe sunblock law…it was 2020, not 2022.

    1) sell, offer for sale, or distribute, after March 30, 2020. in the Virgin Islands
    any sunscreen product that contains oxybenzone, octoerylene or octinoxate including,
    but not limited to, lotions, pastes, balms, serums, or ointments:
    (2) import, after September 30, 2019, into the Virgin Islands for sale any
    sunscreen product that contains oxybenzone, octocrylene or octinoxate including, but
    not limited to, lotions, pastes, balms, serums, or ointments; or
    (3) use or possess, after March 30, 2020, while in the Virgin Islands, any
    sunscreen products that contains oxybenzone, octoerylene or octinoxate including, but
    not limited to, lotions, pastes, balms, serums, or ointments.

  5. Dee Palmer

    Thanks so much Jenn! Very helpful!Esp. the baby oil tip!

    This is my first time responding to your suggestion list. Aren’t aerosol sunscreens prohibited?

  6. Susan

    This is a helpful list. I can confirm that noodles are $14 at Maho Bay. I just purchased a couple in January (we were there for three weeks so it was well worth the money).

    I would recommend that visitors bring along as much food and supplies as possible. We brought coffee, hard cheese, snacks, spices, peanut butter, kleenex, etc. Virtually anything you can fit in your luggage will save you lots of money on the island.

  7. Gina

    We bring camp chairs that collapse. Only weigh 2lbs and don’t take up much space. Get the ones with wide “sand” feet. Great for the beach or for waiting on sunset at Ram head! I also have a “pop up” beach tent. Only weighs 5 lbs and uses sand bags for anchoring. Easily big enough for 2 adults +

  8. Michelle

    We’re the $14 noodle purchasers-hahaha!! We ended up leaving them at Cinnamon Bay for other campers. We will be bringing the inflatables on our next visit. 😂 Michelle

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