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New Interactive Map: Groceries, Gas Stations, Parking & More

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! One of my goals when creating was to make it easier for you to plan your St John vacation. I understand that St. John can be tough to navigate at times, so I created another handy map for all of you.

The interactive map below includes more than a dozen markets located around the island. It shows you where our three gas stations are located, and where St. John’s only pharmacy is. It also shows you where our dumpsters can be found. (We bring our trash to the dumpster on St. John. We do not have garbage pickup on island.) It even shows you where you can park in Cruz Bay, something that definitely gets trickier the busier the island gets.

You can view this map one of two ways:

  1. Click the box with the arrow in the top left corner of the map. That will open a drop down menu with the following seven categories : Grocery Stores & Markets – Gas Stations – PharmacyFree ParkingPaid ParkingFerry & Barge LocationsDumpsters. Simply click on the name of the business/location within a category, and its location will be highlighted on our Logistics Map.
  2. Simply zoom in and click on the markers around the map to see where a specific business/location can be found.

This map is a work in progress. I will continue to update it and add categories.

Want to access this map directly? You can find it at

Want to know where all of our restaurants are located? Check out Island Tidbits Restaurant Map at

Both of these maps, plus a lot of other helpful information, can be found under our Info tab in the menu bar.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Christopher Rackham

    Unless they moved recently, Coco Jim’s is not showing in the correct place on the map. It appears next to Starfish in the old BBQ/fried chicken place prior 2017 (can’t remember the name) when it should be on 104 next to Midway.

    • Jenn Manes

      Hi Chris! That is not my marker. It’s one that’s permanently on Google Maps unfortunately. If you click CoCo Jim’s on my map (click the name in the menu on the left), it shows in the correct spot near Mid Way on Centerline Road. I wish I could fix the other one but only Coco Jim can. Great catch though! 🙂

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