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Our Raffle to Support the ACC Ends tonight!

I practice what I preach, folks. I convinced my friends to take this kitten, plus three more, back to the states with them last month.

Hello everyone, today’s post will be short, sweet and to the point, once again. 🙂 The animals on St. John need our support. There is a reason that you do not see roaming dogs here like many other Caribbean islands. It’s because we have an absolutely incredible animal shelter on island – the Animal Care Center of St. John. They take care of our dogs and cats, making sure all have homes and are healthy, spayed and neutered. We’re holding a raffle to raise funds for them, but it ends tonight. So please buy your tickets now!

For just $25, you can enter to win the following St. John vacation:

The raffle has an estimated value of roughly $4,500.

The raffle period has ended. 

For just $25, you can enter to win a stay here! For a whole week!

How the drawing works: Once the entry period is over, the raffle committee will personally write/type the names of each entrant on a raffle ticket. If you buy one ticket, we will write/type your name on one ticket. If you buy two tickets ($50 total), we will write/type your name on two tickets. If you buy three tickets ($75 total), we will write/type your name on three tickets. And so forth. You will not receive a ticket by mail or email. All of the names will be placed into a secure bucket/basket/box. Once all of the names are written on tickets, we will draw the winner live on video. The winner will be announced on A video of the drawing will also be posted on The raffle period will end on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 9 p.m. AST. The winner will be announced on on or about November 18, 2022. All entries will be treated as donations to the Animal Care Center on St. John.

Now go ahead and enter! Good luck!! And thank you for supporting the Animal Care Center!


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