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Check Out My New St. John Beach Guide!

Everything you need to know about a beach… all in one place!

Are you curious which beaches have food and drinks? How about which ones have restrooms or showers? Or perhaps you like to know about the parking situation. If so, then you are going to love today’s post!

I created a simple, searchable and sortable beach guide that’s very easy to use. Say you’d like to know which beaches have food and drinks available for purchase. Just click the little arrow next to that topic, and all the the ones that do will pop up as yes. Want to know what amenities you can find at a specific beach? Simply type the name in the search area, and the results for just that beach will pop up. The beach guide includes the following topics:

  • Food and beverage
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Chairs for rent
  • Snorkel gear for rent
  • Entrance fee
  • How to get there: Drive, hike or water access only
  • Do the taxis regularly go there?
  • Is it sandy or rocky?
There are nine categories of information per beach. Each category is sortable.
Type a specific beach name in the search area to see information for that beach only.

Pretty cool, right?

The Island Tidbits Beach Guide is located at Please bookmark the page. Share it with your friends and family. Click here to check it out.

And as always, I love to hear your feedback. If there is a category you would like me to add, please send me an email at




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