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Going Home: Navigating the St. Thomas Airport

Landing at the STT airport is always so exciting! Leaving = not so much.

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  1. Greg

    We usually travel on Tuesdays/Thursdays as airfare for us is normally cheaper those days, so I can’t compare to Saturdays. We normally shoot for 3-4 hours early rather than roll the dice on what the customs line will be like. One trip last summer we arrived 4 hours before departure and arrived at our gate with only 20 minutes to spare. It was the longest customs line I’ve ever seen (line went from customs, to baggage claim and wrapped back all the way down past American ticketing counters). If you are a relatively new visitor to the St John, don’t assume the 3-4 hour announcement is just some blah, blah, blah stuff. Sometimes you need it. Other times, you simply go hangout in the new bar that opened up last year. 🙂

  2. Kerry Long

    If your flight gets delayed past 6:00PM remember that Customs closes at 6PM regardless. Do not go to airport at 8PM for your 11PM delayed flight like we did. You will show up at a totally closed entrance to the airport, even though you showed up 3 hours before your flight! The airlines don’t tell you this, unfortunately.

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